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History of Babylon Central Fire Alarm and Rescue Alarm


The seed for establishing a “Central Alarm System” was planted in 1952 by the Town of Babylon Fire Departments. Each Fire Department was being dispatched by other various agencies. Babylon Village was being dispatched from the Police Sub Station, Copiague by the Massapequa Answering Service, Wyandanch from Fairchild Republic, and several other Departments by the Town Police.


Suffolk County was venturing into establishing a “Suffolk County Police Department” and let it be known they would no longer want the responsibility of the Fire Departments.


The Fire Departments formed a committee on February 25, 1960 to investigate a “Central Alarm System”. In January 1961 the commitment to a “Central Alarm System” was made by The Deer Park, Lindenhurst, North Lindenhurst, and The West Babylon Fire Departments. Over the next year, representatives from each of these Departments met to complete the working details. They met with then Town of Babylon Supervisor “Arthur M. Cromarty”, A town resolution was later passed providing space in Babylon Town Halls basement to house “Babylon Central Fire Alarm”.


It was determined that the committee would be responsible for the equipment, but that the provision for dispatchers would be met by attaining the service of a private contractor, “John Loll Enterprises”.


John Loll began training his staff of 7 employees at Babylon Central Fire Alarm on July 15, 1962. The official startup of dispatching services was August 15, 1962 with Babylon Centrals First President Al Ettlinger of The Deer Park Fire Department overseeing operations.


As the years passed the other Town of Babylon agencies joined Babylon Central Fire Alarm. Wyandanch Fire Company in February 1963, Babylon Fire Department in June 1970, North Amityville Fire Company in July 1970, North Babylon Fire Company in October 1974, Copiague Fire Department in December 1975, Wyandanch Wheatley Heights Ambulance Corp in May 1997 and Amityville Fire Department in January of 2022.


As our membership has grown so has our call intake and responsibilities. In consideration of our increased responsibilities and staffing the committee decided to incorporate in 1978 and hire their staff directly. At this time we became “Babylon Central Fire Alarm and Rescue Alarm Corporation.


Today Babylon Central handles approximately 28,000 emergency calls annually and another 35,000 non-emergency calls and both are on the rise. We currently employ 23 dispatchers, a Chief of Staff, 2 Supervisors and a Chief Administrator to oversee all operations of this office. Babylon Central also operates a Board of Directors which includes 1 member from each member agency in turn communicate with our office to keep functionality and punctuality on point. Each one of our dispatchers are Emergency Dispatch Certified by the National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch (NAEMD) to give medical instruction to callers prior to emergency unit arrival and provide the Town of Babylon residents with the best and utmost professional service.

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